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Alshehili modular cold storage containers are design to maintain stable temperatures with the lowest humidity in the refrigerated industry. With our custom manufacturing options, you can specify your cold storage refrigerated container to meet your needs, from temporary overflow units to turnkey cold storage warehousing. We can arrange for a reliable and quick delivery, including skid mounted units.

We are committed to delivering security, safety, and performance. In addition to our own strict guidelines for design and production and sales of armored vehicle, Alshehili security trucks and vans conform to international standards. We use only the highest quality materials and security glass. Alshehili Company is recognized as an established manufacturer of armored vehicles, with certifications from many international organizations.

Alshehili Company is proud that it has been the sole Middle East and Arab company to manufacture concrete pumps (43 meters) in its factories since 2015. We offer a wide range of units capable of pumping concrete to large projects such as shopping malls and stadiums. Our mixer trucks are available in rear- and front-discharge. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing outstanding customer service, prompt turn-around, and knowledgeable recommendations.

Businesses that require accommodations in remote locations know Alshehili Company for build-to-suite transportable homes. These custom homes can be designed as field offices, remote living quarters for employees, or luxury home for top managers. Alshehili Company mobile homes are also suitable for family homes and for spring vacations. Whatever your needs, you can rely on a custom Alshehili Mobile Luxury Homes to make occupants feel at home while allowing your company to station employees wherever needed.

Delivering food is mission critical and requires a safe, dependable transport environment. Alshehili meets that need. Our refrigerated transport trailers, from full length semi-trailers to box trailers for frozen food delivery, are one of our most important ‑ and extensive ‑ Alshehili product categories. Known for high quality and light weight, Alshehili trailers are engineered with advanced panel-foam for consistency and void-free insulation that ensures a constant internal temperature, even under intense sun.

Whatever your cargo transport needs, from intercity parcel deliveries to long haul truckload carriage, Alshehili is your premier source for high performance vans, trucks, and trailers. We are one of the largest manufacturers of trailers and vans in KSA. Over the years, we have developed engineered solutions that are lighter, stronger, and more durable. You are assured a fastest return on investment with Alshehili dry fleet products.

Hauling heavy equipment requires proven performance in flatbed strength and maneuverability.  It’s no wonder that Alshehili is the preferred brand for private label manufacturing and OEM sales. Alshehili offers a wide range of styles, configurations and size; there’s no challenge we can’t solve. We make them all: lowbed trailers, step deck trailers, stretch double drop trailers, removable gooseneck trailers and more. Just ask your Alshehili representative.

Alshehili is the market leader in modular shelters, designed for specific applications. Most of our shelters are temperature-controlled and can be expanded to provide additional space for equipment, such a communication, while keeping a small footprint for storage and transport. All shelters can be customized to meet customer needs and are temporary living arrangements.

Bulk fuel transport, from depot to depot, or refinery to station, require not only high-quality tanks but also the right hoses, gauges, pumps, and electronics to assure efficient distribution. This ensures optimal body life, truck and system performance, as well as lower total cost of ownership. Alshehili Company’s trailer solutions are engineered to lower your cost per gallon as well as provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

Alshehili products are built on the foundation of high-quality engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our name is synonymous with excellence, whether trash compactor, stake truck, towing truck, or equine transport. Ask your Alshehili representative to find a solution.

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