Material Handling Capabilities

Our capabilities extend to material handling, where precision and efficiency are paramount. With seven shutter doors, each towering at almost 4.5 meters in height, our facility ensures seamless logistics operations. Complementing this are 20 overhead cranes with 10 tons loading capacity, an 8-ton overhead crane, and a 15-ton overhead crane, ensuring that even the most demanding projects are executed with precision. Our reinforced foundation floors, more than 10 forklifts with a 10-ton carrying capacity, and three tractor heads for pulling customer semi-trailers further enhance our material handling capabilities

Engineering Excellence

At Alshehili Company, we place a premium on engineering excellence. Our team comprises licensed Professional Engineers recognized both locally and internationally, including Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Canada. Mechanical and electromechanical engineers, accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers, collaborate seamlessly to drive innovation. Our high-skilled machinists leverage cutting-edge technology, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and Fusion 360, for 3D modeling. We excel in engineering simulations encompassing FEA, static, dynamic, and cyclic loading simulations, fluid dynamic flow simulations, and heat transfer simulations. Alshehili Company is committed to lean Six Sigma principles, reinforced by advanced production planning software and ATO production scheduling techniques. Testing, validation, and the design and development of new products or special projects are all part of our holistic engineering capabilities.

Machining Expertise

In the realm of machining, we boast an impressive array of machinery, including conventional drilling, milling, lathe, and shaping machines. Our facility also houses horizontal boring machines, saw mills, NC plasma cutters, CNC laser cutters, and CNC abrasive water jet cutters, ensuring that precision and versatility are at the core of our manufacturing process.

Metal Working Prowess

Metalworking at Alshehili Company is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our array of machines includes hydraulic press and press brake machines, metal shear cutter machines, hydraulic iron workers, pipe cutter machines, NC oxyfuel gas cutters, spot clinching machines, and mechanical power presses. We leave no stone unturned in achieving excellence in metalworking.

Fabrication & Welding Excellence

In the realm of fabrication and welding, we have a diverse portfolio of capabilities. Our SMAW, MIG, GMAW, and TIG welding machines are complemented by highly skilled welders proficient in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding. Quality is the hallmark of our work.

Composite Materials Processing & Carpentry

Our composite materials processing and carpentry capabilities include polyurethane press panels, foam injection machines, CNC wood milling machines, polyurethane cutting, laminated glass production lines, and sandwich panel assembling machines, allowing us to craft vehicles of the highest quality.

Surface Treatment Mastery

Our commitment to excellence extends to surface treatment. Alshehili Company boasts a 9x9x6 meters painting chamber, priming and spray-painting capabilities, and a galvanizing production line, ensuring that every aspect of our vehicles is impeccably finished.

Fabrics & Sticker Processing & Printing

For fabrics & sticker processing and printing, we offer vinyl fabrics and sticker cutting, stitching, and printing services. Additionally, our capabilities extend to vinyl PVC coated fabrics and vinyl sticker cutting, welding, and printing. Our 3- meter-wide eco-solvent ink plotters and printers ensure vibrant and precise results.

Assembly Precision

In the final stages of production, we utilize welding fixtures, assembly fixtures, drilling jigs, machining jigs, foam injection machines, foam shaping equipment, and stamping dies to ensure that every vehicle we produce is a masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship.