Recognition of Alshehili Company's Ethical and Legal Business Standards

Alshehili Company firmly commits to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards in the conduct of its business operations. Alshehili Company extends this commitment to encompass all entities engaged in business with it, including suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, contractors, and sub-contractors. Consequently, Alshehili Company necessitates that all such entities formally acknowledge and commit to abiding by the policies and principles delineated in the attached Alshehili Company Supplier Code of Conduct.

Acknowledgment Process

Every supplier, vendor, manufacturer, contractor, and sub-contractor, whether they are new registrants or have an existing registration, is obliged to acknowledge the Alshehili Company Supplier Code of Conduct. This acknowledgment is a prerequisite for engaging in business with Alshehili Company. Furthermore, these entities are required to re-acknowledge the code every three years or whenever Alshehili Company updates it.