Quality Policy

Quality Policy

At Alshehili Company we are committed to delivering exceptional quality in the design, manufacture, repair, and maintenance of land freight vehicles. We strive to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers while adhering to the AS 9100 & ISO 9001 standards.

Our Quality Policy is built upon the following principles:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs and expectations. By providing reliable, safe, and efficient freight vehicles, we aim to exceed customer satisfaction and build long-term partnerships.

  1. Continuous Improvement: We foster a culture of continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations. Through regular monitoring, evaluation, and feedback, we identify opportunities for enhancing our processes, products, and services. We encourage innovation and embrace new technologies to stay ahead in the market.

  1. Compliance with Standards and Regulations: We are fully committed to complying with the AS 9100 & ISO 9001 standards and all relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Our processes and procedures are designed to ensure the highest level of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

  1. Employee Engagement and Development: Our employees are our most valuable asset. We provide a conducive work environment that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and open communication. We encourage our employees to take ownership of their work, participate in quality improvement initiatives, and continuously develop their skills and knowledge.

  1. Supplier Relationships: We maintain strong partnerships with our suppliers, working together to ensure the quality and reliability of the materials and components used in our freight vehicles. We select suppliers based on their ability to meet our quality requirements, and we actively engage in mutually beneficial collaborations.

  1. Risk Management : We identify and assess risks associated with our processes and take proactive measures to mitigate them. Our quality management system includes robust risk management practices to minimize potential disruptions and enhance the reliability and safety of our products.

  2. Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. We strive to reduce waste, conserve resources, and comply with relevant environmental regulations and standards.

This Quality Policy provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives, which are regularly communicated, understood, and implemented across our organization. We continually monitor our performance, gather feedback from customers and stakeholders, and make necessary improvements to achieve our quality goals.