• Type: Armored Personnel Carrier
  • Configuration: 4 x 4
  • Armor Rating: B6
  • Primary Use: Tactical troop transport in high-threat environments

Dimensions: Based on Chassis

Armor Protection:

  • Armor Rating: B6
  • Material: High-strength steel, composite materials
  • Ballistic Protection: Capable of withstanding high-powered rifle rounds and explosive devices

  • Drive Configuration: 4 x 4
  • Suspension: Optimized based on final GVW

  • Primary Weapon Mount: M2 Browning HMG
  • Secondary Weapons Mount: MK19
Maintenance and Support:

  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for simplified maintenance procedures
  • Logistics Support: Comprehensive support package for spare parts and technical assistance

  • Built to meet or exceed relevant national and international standards for military vehicles