Tractor Head:

  • Recommended Model: MAN Tractor Head TGS-22.400
  • Features: Powerful and reliable engine, suitable for towing heavy loads.

Trailer Details:

  • Length: 16 meters
  • GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): 45 Tons
  • Axles: 3
  • Box Structure: Armor-reinforced for enhanced protection.
Cleaning and Control Room:

  • Layout: Spacious design for efficient cleaning and equipment control.
  • Features:

    • Electrical sockets for tool charging and equipment operation.
    • Pneumatic airgun for thorough firearm cleaning.
    • Tool storage cabinets for organized equipment management.
    • Warning lights to indicate open doors for safety.
    • Reinforced C-channel floors for durability.
Indoor Shooting Range:

  • Layout: 9-meter indoor firing range with two shooting ranges.
  • Features:

    • Warning lights indicating active firing sessions.
    • Ventilation ducts for air circulation.
    • Ballistic rubber lining to prevent ricochets.
    • Battery-powered keypad for secure access.
    • Full CCTV system for monitoring and recording.
    • Foldable weapons table for convenience.
    • Semi-automatic target retrieval system for dynamic training.
    • Eyes and ears safety equipment for personnel protection.
Utility Room:

  • Layout: Equipped for utility functions and support.
  • Features:

    • HEPA air ventilation and filtration system to prevent lead poisoning.
    • Two 18 BTU AC units for climate control.
    • Air compressor for pneumatic equipment.
    • Power generator for self-sufficiency.
Storage Compartments:

  • Number and Size: Multiple storage compartments for efficient organization.
  • Purpose: Storing training equipment, ammunition, and additional supplies.
Interior Aluminum Tread Plate Layering:

  • Material: Durable aluminum tread plates for enhanced interior protection.
  • Purpose: Provides a non-slip surface and adds structural strength.
Armor Specifications:

  • STANAG 4569 Level I Armor:
  • Applied to critical areas for protection against ballistic threats.
  • Ballistic Rubber Armor in Walls:
  • Additional protection to minimize the risk of ricochets.